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Quadruple Action System
Ninety-eight percent (98%) of a cup of coffee is composed of water, so the quality of your coffee is most dependent on the quality of the water. Chlorine ruins the taste of coffee. Moreover, scale build-up on heating elements does not allow high enough water temperature for brewing which is as important for high quality coffee. Untreated water forms lime scale in the brewing equipment necessitating expensive descaling procedures, and/or shortening the life of the unit.
Siliphos (Silicon Phosphate) have been used in the prevention of mineral scale and corrosion control for many years, mostly in municipal systems to protect water distribution lines. Although they work in a similar fashion to the HydroBlend product, they are not as effective in high hardness applications, and exhibit low effectiveness in high temperature processes.
Since most Coffee & Espresso applications are low flow, the Quadruple action system incorporated a ScaleStick with a Carbon Wrap should be used. Carbon will remove the chlorine which otherwise can ruins the taste of coffee. The ScaleStick will reduce the limescale build up in the boiler.
HydroBlend protects equipment by the following processes:
1. HydroBlend sequesters (binds) with scale-causing minerals making them more soluble in water thus reducing the chances of precipitation as hard mineral scale.
2. In the event that scale causing minerals do precipitate out of solution, HydroBlend prevents mineral scale accumulation by distorting the shape of the scale crystal so that it cannot build up on itself.
3. By combining with scale-causing minerals, HydroBlend provides corrosion control by forming a protective micro-thin glass-like lining on wetted surfaces acting as a deterrent to corrosion and scale. Overtime, HydroBlend will also help soften and remove existing mineral scale deposits.
The XQS-10 Quadruple action system features:
 a. Helps protect piping from corrosion by forming a protective layer inside the boiler
 b. Maintains efficiency and extends life of system
 c. Reduces scale build-up caused by hard water
 d. Slows HydroBlend release for better scale control
 e. Works more effectively in hot water that siliphos


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