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This package includes enough filters for 3 years... Included in this package are three 0.45 micron High grade cartridges... The benchtop has long been the choice for renters and travelers as there is no plumbing needed and the system delivers fresh clean water year in year out. The benchtop will fit any tap and the filters are standard size making them available anywhere in OZ.The benchtop comes with adaptors to suit all kitchen, bathroom and laundry taps. WATER FILTER WORLD WILL SEND YOU A REMINDER LETTER EVERY 12 MONTHS. HIGH GRADE REMOVAL: This filter will remove all chlorine, taste, colour, odour, bacteria- giardia & cryptosporidium and lead & metals. It passes Australian/NZ standard 4348 Sub-micron (0.45) - Coconut shell carbon - softens and sweetens water. Extruded Block cartridge for the 99.9% removal of Giardia & Cryptosporidium cysts, heavy metal reduction, particularly LEAD (98.3%). Chlorine, Chloroform and all volatile organic contaminants. Replace every 10,000 litres or 12 months. Specifications: (9 3/4") 25 cm. LongMore effective at reducing levels of chlorine, and certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), than granular activated carbon (GAC) cartridges. Tested and verified to AS/NZS 4348 RESULTS OF INDEPENDENT TESTING - VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS CHEMICAL INFLUENT CONCENTRATION (PPB) % REDUCTION HOME Chlorobenzene 80 95% Ethylbenzene 80 95% Hexachlorobutadiene 40 95% Tetrachloroethene... 80 95% Toluene 80 95% 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane 80 95% RESULTS OF INDEPENDENT LABORATORY TESTING - CHLOROFORM (Performed at flow rates of l.9 litres per minute) VOL.INFLUENT (LITRES) INITIAL INFLUENT CHLOROFORM LEVEL (ppb) EFFUENT CHLOROFORM LEVEL (ppb) % REDUCTION 500 430ppb <5ppb 99.84% 1000 430ppb <5ppb 99.84% 1750 425ppb <5ppb 99.82% 2100 425ppb <5ppb 99.82% 2700 435ppb <5ppb 99.85% INDEPENDENT LABORATORY TESTING - CHLORINE Influent water containing an average of 3ppm free chlorine, at the high flow rate of 3.78 litres per minutes, cartridge removed an average of 97.5% of free chlorine for more than 9,000 litres INEPENDENT LABORATORY TESTING - LEAD removed an average of 98.3% over the suggested life of the cartridge. plus all the importand U.S standrds.


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