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This Package Is the Ultimate Clean water package!
It includes our best selling under sink reverse osmosis unit with the PI BIO LIFE Alkaliser that will produce a PH of 7.5 - 8.5 , with an option to upgrade to the American Alkaliser that will produce a PH of 10.3 constant for only $50 more!

It also includes the best selling 20" x 4.5" Big Blue Whole House water filter that offers no reduction in flow until the filters are blocked! Also included is the highest grade American made PB1 Filter that gives you 0.5 micron filtration with zero reduction in flow!

Here are the stats on each:

Reverse osmosis with alkaliser:

This unit has two components being a system and a tank-

*This component can lay flat if you have space issues


BigBlue Unit: Measurements/Dimensions :

*This component can lay flat if you have space issues

The Quick-Change Reverse Osmosis remains one of the leading reverse osmosis units on the market...
All quick-change replacements for easy filter change overs , The best fittings, faucet and tank available are included.
All 100% BPA free
The only issue with any reverse osmosis unit is the fact that the water becomes so PURE , the water becomes extremely acidic.
Most doctors and naturopaths will agree that we need to alkalise our bodies and to do this we need all the beneficial mineral content in a special mixture to naturally create Alkaline water.
What About the Alkaliser?

Pi bio life alkaliser filter cartridge

Creates Ph: 7.5 - 8.5


The Pi Bio Life Alkaliser is most commonly used by people who are looking to reduce acidic toxic waste in the blood, tissues, and fluids for the body and to adhere to the more alkaline state required by most human metabolic processes.


Pi Water was developed through extensive plant research in Japan in the early 1960s. By using a special system, a bio water was created with special life and health giving properties that helped plants thrive well, and beyond normal expectations.
The research by Doctors Yamashita and Makino also found that when trace amounts of ferric/ferrous (iron) salt were energised in the water, the energy of the water increased dramatically. During 30 years of research, Pi Water's life giving energy has been shown to stimulate the self healing properties of the cells of plants and animals alike. This process created what is now referred to as Pi Water or Living Water.
5-Stage filtration process

Stage 1
Phase Effect 1 - Volcanic Red Clay Ceramic Balls. Infra red emission and negative ionisation. Removes harmful ions and energises the water. Reduces water molecule or cluster size.
Phase Effect 2 - Mountain Anti Oxidisation Minerals. Calcined Lime Silicate, Mica and Quartz Compound. Significantly reduces negative ORP. Strong anti oxidising effect.
Stage 2
Phase Effect 3 - Granular Magnetic Tourmaline Rock. Softening and conditioning mineral content. Energises water. Further reduces water molecule or cluster size. Stabilises negative ORP generation.
Stage 3
Phase Effect 4 - Granular Phlogopite Rock. Adds mineral (potassium/magnesium) ions and alkalises the water. Infra red emission and negative ionisation. Reduces water molecule or cluster size.
Stage 4
Phase Effect 5 - White Quartz Ceramic Balls. Strong anti bacterial function. Mineralises (calcium/magnesium ions). Alkalises and energises water.
Stage 5
Phase Effect 6 - Condensed Bio Life Deep Sea Mineral Mix. With Ionised Deep Sea Coral and Porphyries. Mineralises (sodium/potassium). Significantly increases and stabilises pH level of water.

  • Reduces inflammation and pain in muscles and joints.
  • Promotes regeneration and fast healing.
  • Improves blood microcirculation.

*We have recently added an option for an AMERICAN MADE alkahydrate Type Alkaliser... We are easily achieving A PH of 10 for up to two years and have never seen better results!

*Filter housings will not age and crack
Included With This Unit:
(1800-217-726) After 15 years of researching Reverse Osmosis & water filtration including improving and promoting BETTER HEALTH & BODY FUNCTION via re-mineralising & re-structuring the water, travelling to and from the United States, Water Filter World have finally had the breakthrough we have all been searching for!
Anti Allergenic Sediment Filter 0.5 micron- Lasts Approximately 12 Months
This is the first stage in most filtration products and boasts extremely high performance removal of dirt, dust, sand, silt, rust as well as any other solid contaminants...
Made out of melt blown polypropylene it catches the sediment all the way to the core, unlike most spun filters that block as soon as the sediment hits the outside of the cartridge.
So , no premature reduction in flow is the outcome of these very affordable sediment stoppers...
X2 High grade PRE-MEMBRANE Carbon Filters Last Approximately 12 months each After being in the industry for more then 15 years, We have seen many companies without adequate knowledge use a sediment filter, or a cheap carbon filter in this position... The purpose of this filter is to protect the MEMBRANE from chlorine which eats it's core away and results in rapid deterioration of the semi-permeable material in the membrane which manifests as high TDS (total dissolved solids) , or contaminants...
So in other words, your membrane's performance would be terrible, getting worse by the day without this protection...
A good quality carbon filter also eases the load on the membrane by assisting in pre filtration of some heavy metals and other contaminants.
Semi Permeable Membrane
With Greater then 98% Removal Of Fluoride- Lasts 5 - 6 years Standard Membranes Are 0.02 Micron, OURS ARE 0.0002 Micron!!! This is the single most important section of any reverse osmosis system...
This is where all the harmful contaminants are separated and rejected from the water...
WE SUPPLY AN AMERICAN MADE FILMTEC MEMBRANE These Membranes do 200 litres of water per 24 hours on average pressure at 40 PSI...
Here Are The Removal Rates Of This System's Membrane REMOVAL:A. CONTAMINANT Inorganic:
Aluminum 90%
Arsenic 98%
Arlum 95%
Cadmium 95%
Calcium 98%
Chromium III 98%
Copper 90%
Fluoride 98%
Iron 98%
Lead 90%
Magnesium 98%
Manganese 90%
Mercury II 85%
Nitrate 90%
Potassium 95%
Senenlum 95%
Silver 98%
Sodium 95%
Strontlum 90%
Sulfate 90%
Zinc 98%
Total Dissolved Solids 95%
Chlorine 98%+
Herbicides 98%+
Pesticides 98%+
DDT 98%+
Endrin 90%+
Undane 98%+
Aldrin 98%+
Benzene 98%+
V.O.C.S. 98%+
Adrazin 98%+
Fluoranthene 98%+
Phenole 98%+
Trihalomelthanes 98%+
Toxaphene 98%+
Dichloromethane 98%+
Chloroform 98%+
Trichlorethlene 98%+
Perchlorethylene 98%+
Tannic Acid 98%+
Metoxychlor 98%+
PCB 98%+

Bigblue system filter Highgrade:



This is the HIGH-RANGE, HIGH-FLOW whole house system. Designed for HIGH use it includes a twin 20" x 4.5" system, a sediment filter, and a 0.5 micron carbon filter that removes taste, colour, odour, PARASITES AND HEAVY METALS. Also included is the mounting Bracket. For removal of chlorine, taste, colour, odour, giardia and cryptosporidium cysts, lead and metals...




The high grade filter is our top of the range cartridge and remains the leading filter media in Australia. The filter is made in the states and has the highest possible American certification (nsf).
This filter will remove greater then 99% of giardia and cryptosporidium (a common yet harmful bacteria) as well as greater then 97% of lead which comes from your brass and copper pipes.
Also removes chlorine taste colour and odour and other metals.
A1 choice the best of the best.
The high grade filter is our top of the range cartridge and remains the leading filter media in Australia.
The filter is made in the states but has the highest possible American certification (nsf).

M A T R I K X  P b 1 E X T R U D E D F I L T E R S Multi-function Filter Soluble and insoluble lead reduction Powerful activated carbon filter 99.96%+ reduction of 1-2 μm particles High dirt capacity sediment filter MATRIKX Pb1 HEAVY METALS REDUCTION MATRIKX Pb1 extruded carbon filters reduce soluble lead using a powerful ion-exchange filter medium with high specificity for soluble lead.
CHEMICAL ADSORPTION MATRIKX Pb1 filters offer high levels of organic chemicals reduction, and reduce trihalomethanes (THMs), volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), chlorine, and chemicals that contribute to taste and odor.
PARTICULATE, CYST AND TURBIDITY REDUCTION MATRIKX Pb1 filters provide ≥99.984% reduction of 3 - 4 μm particles (≥99.96% reduction of 1 -2 μm particles) and operate as high performance sediment filters with extended life.
Graded-density prefiltration combined with a high dirt capacity extruded activated carbon serve to provide several times greater dirt life than molded filter products.
DESIGN FEATURES MATRIKX Pb1 filters flow in the radial (outside-to-inside) direction, providing increased dirt capacity and low pressure drop. Unlike granular activated carbon (GAC) filters, MATRIKX Pb1 cartridges will not channel or bypass, due to the extreme uniformity of their extruded activated carbon core.
Service life of the MATRIKX Pb1 filter is greatly extended by two layers of prefiltration media consisting of a 15 μm polypropylene spunbonded outer prefiltration layer and a 5μm polypropylene melt-blown inner layer.
Recommended installations are in fluids having upstream 1-5 μm prefilters or as stand-alone high-performance filter elements.
APPLICATIONS MATRIKX Pb1 is a powerful, multi-functional, filter cartridge for residential and industrial water purification systems, industrial effluent water treatment, food service, and industrial makeup, product rinse, and process water treatment.
*A standard filter is 2.50 O.D. x 9.75 length and fits most standard household and commercial filter housings. FEATURES: Mixture of fine-mesh granular carbons and ultra-micronized ion-exchange filtration medium in high-integrity extruded structure.
99.984%+ reduction of 3 - 4 μm particulates.
99.96%+ reduction of 1 - 2 μm particulates. Graded-density prefiltration design.
Manufactured using FDA-compliant materials.
BENEFITS: Efficient reduction of soluble lead. High chemical adsorptive capacity. No channeling/ no fluidizing/ no bypassing. High TOC reduction. Eliminates release of carbon fines.
Efficient reduction of insoluble lead particles. Cyst reduction: Giardia lamblia, Cryptosporidium. Effective turbidity reduction. Meets NSF Standard 42 Class 1 filtration standards. Maximum service life, resistance to fouling. Lowest extractables, pure materials of construction. P b 1 E X T R U D E D F I L T E R S SOLUBLE LEAD REMOVAL Test Results: Standard 2.50 O.D. x 1.25 I.D. x 9.75 L MATRIKX Pb1 extruded carbon filter cartridges were challenged with influent water flowing at 0.75 GPM and containing approximately 150 ppb of soluble lead at both high pH and alkalinity, and low pH and low alkalinity. The results demonstrate that the MATRIKX Pb1 will reduce soluble and insoluble lead to below 15 ppb for greater than 2,500 gallons.
Test Conditions: Two randomly selected, standard production cartridges were challenged with water containing an average of 150 ppb of soluble lead nitrate at a flow rate of 0.75 GPM to determine the filters efficiency for the reduction of soluble lead at low pH, TDS and alkalinity.
A second set of filters were tested under similar conditions, but with influent water at high pH, high TDS and alkalinity.
Flow rate: 0.75 GPM System pressure: 60 psig Operating cycle: 50% on / 50% off Influent water analysis: Low Ph High Ph Alkalinity 30mg/L 210 mg/L pH 6.7 8.3 TDS 144 mg/L 284 mg/L Turbidity <0.1 NTU <0.1 NTU Temperature: 20 C. 20 C. Hardness: 24 mg/L 120 mg/L Polyphosphate: <0.05 mg/L <0.05 mg/L Source of test data: Spectrum Laboratories, New Brighton, Minnesota. CHLORINE REDUCTION Test Results: Standard 2.50 O.D. x 1.25 I.D. x 9.75 L MATRIKX Pb1 extruded carbon filters removed all detectable free chlorine (<0.1 ppm) from an influent challenge containing an average of 2.0 ppm free chlorine flowing at 0.75 GPM, and maintained this level of performance for 2,500 gallons.
Test Conditions: Two randomly selected, standard production cartridges were evaluated for chlorine reduction. Flow rate: 0.75 GPM System pressure: 60 psig Operating cycle: 50% on / 50% off Chlorine challenge: 2 -2.5 ppm FAC (free available chlorine). Total challenge: 2,500 gallons Influent water analysis: pH . . . . . . . . . . 7.5 TDS . . . . . . . . . 280 mg/L Turbidity . . . . . . <0.1 NTU Temperature . . . 20 Celsius Source of test data: Spectrum Laboratories, New Brighton, Minnesota. FLOW RESISTANCE Test Results: Standard MATRIKX Pb1 extruded carbon filter cartridges were tested with municipal tap water from Bridgeport, CT, at 60 psig system pressure, to determine differential-pressure vs. flow curves. The standard 2.50 O.D. x 9.75 L MATRIKX Pb1 filter has a ΔP= 4.00 psid at 1.0 GPM flow. Test Conditions: Three randomly selected, standard production cartridges were subjected to varying flows to determine the initial-differential-pressure vs. flow curve. Influent water: Bridgeport, CT municipal drinking water pH of Influent water: 6.5 Temperature: 20 C System pressure: 60 psig, constant Range of tested flows: 1 - 10 GPM. Instrumentation: Omega Engineering FL710 Series, 1 to 11 GPM range, with 0.2 GPM accuracy Source of test data: KX Industries L.P., Bridgeport, CT PARTICULATE, CYST AND TURBIDITY REDUCTION Test Results: Standard 2.50 O.D. x 1.25 I.D. x 9.75 L MATRIKX Pb1 extruded carbon filters were evaluated for particulate reduction using in-line particle counting instruments, and demonstrated ≥99.984% reduction at 3-4 μm particles (≥99.96% reduction at 1 - 2 μm particles) which exceeds the current NSF requirement for cyst and turbidity reduction under NSF Standard 53. Test Conditions: Instrumentation: HIAC ROYKO 8000A, automatic particle counter. Sensor: LD 400 Influent water temperature: 20 C. Challenge: Fine test dust Flow rate: 4.0 GPM Source of test data: Inter Basic Resources, Inc. Ann Arbor, Michigan. NOTES: 1Performance of a given MATRIKX extruded carbon filter varies in direct proportion to the total weight of carbon in each filter. For example, a 4.25 O.D. x 20 L MATRIKX filter contains approximately seven times as much activated carbon as a 2.50 O.D. x 9.75 L MATRIKX filter, and will therefore have seven times the rated chlorine and lead absorption capacities, when operating at seven times the rated flow of the smaller cartridge. Hence, rated flow is based on maintaining identical contact/residence times for all filters. 2Chlorine capacity is the estimated capacity in gallons during which the filter will remove greater than 95% of influent chlorine (2ppm) when operating at a given flow. 3Particulate rating for >99.9% removal of a given size as determined from particle counting results. 4Lead reduction capacity in gallons to obtain ≥90% removal of influent lead (150 ppb influent) at a given flow and at a pH of 6.5/8.5, according to the standard National Sanitation Foundation protocol. WARNINGS: Maximum Operating Temperature: 125 F. Maximum Operating Pressure: 250 psig. Maximum Differential Pressure: 100 psid. Collapse Pressure: 200 psid. MATRIKX filters are not to be autoclaved or steam sterilized. Use MATRIKX carbon filters only with microbiologically safe water. Activated carbon filters are not designed to kill or remove bacteria or viruses. Actual results obtained will vary with various combinations and amounts of organic contaminants, changes in pH or other conditions encountered in actual use. All information presented here is based on data believed to be reliable. It is offered for evaluation and verification, but is not to be considered a warranty of any kind. MATRIKX filters are designed to fit most standard household and commercial or industrial housings. Call KX Industries to check filter housing compatibility. ORDERING INFORMATION: MATRIKX Pb1 Extruded Carbon Filters Part Number Outer Diameter Length 06-250-125-050 2.50 5.00 06-250-125-975 2.50 9.75 Standard filters are finished with an outer polypropylene spunbonded prefiltration medium. A protective polypropylene netting is applied to the exterior of the cartridge. Polypropylene end caps with compression gaskets fit most standard housings. Inquire concerning alternative filter finishing options, including alternative end cap and housing interface styles, a wide range of non-standard extruded filter sizes, and non-standard prefiltration systems. This product is made in accordance with or covered under one or more of the following United States patents: 5,019,311; 5,147,722; 5,189,092; 5,249,948; 5,331,037; 5,922,803; 5,946,342; 6,061,384 and corresponding patents in other countries. 2002 KX Industries, L.P. All rights reserved. The KX Logo, MATRIKX, and Genuine Part Number O.D. x Length Filter Chlorine capacity Absolute μm Lead Reduction Initial ΔP Weight1 @ Flow2 Rating3 Capacity @ Flow4 @ Flow 06-250-125-975 2.50 x 9.75 0.85 lb. >6,000 gal. @ 0.75 GPM 1-2 μm 2,500 gal. @ .75 GPM 4.0 psid @ 0.75 GPM 06-250-125-20 2.50 x 20 1.90 lb. >12,000 gal. @ 1.5 GPM 1-2 μm 5,000 gal. @ 1.5 GPM 4.0 psid @ 1.50 GPM 06-425-200-975 4.25 x 9.75 3.20 lb. >20,000 gal. @ 2.5 GPM 1-2 μm 8,000 gal. @ 2.5 GPM 7.0 psid @ 2.50 GPM 06-425-200-20 4.25 x 20 6.60 lb. >42,000 gal. @ 5.0 GPM 1-2 μm 17,000 gal. @ 5.0 GPM 6.5 psid @ 5.00 GPM TABLE 1: SUMMARY TECHNICAL DATA Part Number Outer Diameter Length 06-425-200-975 4.25 9.75 06-250-200-20 4.25 20.00 Special Order 1 to 6, 1 to 60


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