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This product creates boiled and Chilled water.. In addition to the boiler, this system has a separate water chiller unit that sits under the sink

WFW boiling and chilled filtered system

60 cups/hour

Install a boiler / chiller without paying up to $4000 for the leading competitors product!

Filter Is easy to replace, and is NSF certified. It reduces the main components which cause unpleasant tastes and odours from your drinking water such as chlorine taste, colour, odour and sediment.<br.
Instant hot water dispensers for use with our Stainless Steel Tank for filtered, near-boiling 200F water, and Chilled 5 Degree water all in one system. The WFW contemporary design, in an array of beautiful designer finishes, will complement any kitchen.

60 cups/hour
Durable all brass faucet construction.
Graceful high-arching spout swivels for greater convenience and stylish integrated levers provide a dramatic look.
Hot and chilled - dispenses near-boiling 200F and Chilled 5 Degree drinking water.
The hot lever automatically shuts off while the cool lever remains on for easy use.


Unrivaled in the kitchen when it comes to the number of tasks that are easily and quickly performed and whilst saving time it adds elegance to the kitchen. Specifications
Diameter 1 3⁄8" - 1 1⁄2" (hole)
Hot valve Instant, self-closing
Weight 4 lbs.

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