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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System RO 4800 LPD 1200 GPD (In ideal conditions)


*If installing in a whole house scenario, you will need a LARGE rainwater tank.

You will also need a pump to pressurise the house.

This is the required set up for a whole house reverse osmosis system:

*Water pressure of 50 PSI to 80 PSI feed to the reverse osmosis

*Calcite vessel to neutralise the water

-Reverse osmosis water is acidic and must be neutralised when used for human consumption and showering or for use with animals. Without the calcite vessel the water will be very aggressive and eat away at copper pipes and brass fittings. Add the calcite vessel to the cart if for human consumption. Expect 3-5 years out of the calcite.

*Rain water storage tank to collect the processed water:

If you need for example 750 LPD then get a tank that hold at least 750 LPD.

Set the tank up on a float system. The reverse osmosis system will automatically shut down when the tank fills and automatically start up as you use water from that tank and will replace the water used.

*Pump required to supply the house/dwelling/building from the tank.

*Remember when you have first installed your reverse osmosis system and are getting to understand the unit and your water quality, check the three bottom filters after 7 days to see how dirty they are. If still clean, then check a month after that. Normally you can expect 1-6 months out of the bottom three filters.

Membrane life will vary (6 months to 2 years) but can be tested with a TDS meter at any time.

On the front of the unit you have x3 vertical filters.
SED $29, CARB, $155, CARB $155 (3-6 months) depending on usage
On the back of the unit you have x2 membranes $295 each (6-12 months) depending on usage
I would recommend buying some extra filters here are the links:

·Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System
 (Include Pressure Gauge ,Pump And LED Monitor)
·Sediment Filter        5um x 1
·Coconut Carbon Block    10um x 1
·Coconut Carbon Block Filter 10 um x 1
·600G x2 = 1200G  (4800 LPD) Reverse Osmosis Membrane x2
·Inline Coconut Carbon Filter             x 1
·Transformer (Australian Plug)
·Pressure Reducing Valve
·Ball Valve
·SUS304 Tap
The system is complete and ready to use

Cartridges Life:

·Sediment Filter: 1-3 months
·Coconut Carbon Filter : 1-3 months
·Coconut Carbon Filter : 1-3 Months
·600G x2  (4800LPD) Reverse Osmosis Membranes: 6 Months-2 Years
·Inline Coconut Carbon Filter : Up to 12 months

Operating Parameters:

Inlet Pressure:  20~120Psi    

Temperature: 4~40°C

Stage 1 Sediment Filter (5um): 

Removes sediment, particles

Sediment Filters are manufactured from pure 100% polypropylene fibers.The polypropylene construction provides superior chemical resistance and does not breed bacteria.

Stage 2 Coconut Carbon filter (10um):


Removes sediment, particles.

Stage 3 Coconut Carbon Filter (10 um): 

Remove sediment, particles, chemicals, heavy metals and some colour extraction. The bacteria properties of silver impregnation.


These Carbon Block Filters are manufactured using a powdered COCONUT activated carbon with a specially designed adsorbent media for chemicals and chlorine taste, odor and other contaminants.

Stage 4, x2  600G High Flow Reverse Osmosis Membrane (2400 LPD) Each  :


These membranes have a 0.0001-micron rating. It is classed by the manufacturer to be a 600 gallon each (2400LPD) per day membrane. However, these figures are for optimum working pressure/conditions and will vary in the domestic Aussie environment.


Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification technology that uses a semipermeable membrane to remove larger particles from drinking water. RO provides a full-range treatment that assures safe, great-tasting water at a very reasonable price.

Stage 5 Coconut Carbon Filter:


Removes chemicals, heavy metals


Aluminum 90%
Arsenic 98%
Arlum 95%
Cadmium 95%
Calcium 98%
Chromium III 98%
Copper 90%
Fluoride 98%
Iron 98%
Lead 90%
Magnesium 98%
Manganese 90%
Mercury II 85%
Nitrate 90%
Potassium 95%
Senenlum 95%
Silver 98%
Sodium 95%
Strontlum 90%
Sulfate 90%
Zinc 98%
Total Dissolved Solids 95%
Asbestos 99%

Chlorine 98%+
Herbicides 98%+
Pesticides 98%+
DDT 98%+
Endrin 90%+
Undane 98%+
Aldrin 98%+
Benzene 98%+
V.O.C.S. 98%+
Adrazin 98%+
Fluoranthene 98%+
Phenole 98%+
Trihalomelthanes 98%+
Toxaphene 98%+
Dichloromethane 98%+
Chloroform 98%+
Trichlorethlene 98%+
Perchlorethylene 98%+
Tannic Acid 98%+
Metoxychlor 98%+
PCB 98%+

Always remember with Reverse osmosis , it creates completely pure water which is HIGHLY ACIDIC... This means the PH is reduced to 5.5 on average... What happens in a whole house scenario if you have copper pipes the copper will leach into the water so its a good idea to neutralise the water with a CALCITE vessel ... This is a single big blue 20" x 4.5" with a refillable Calcite vessel that will go in-line after the house pump... you will experience ZERO reduction in flow at all times as there will be no restriction... The pH will correct to 7 or higher eliminating any leaching of metal into the water...


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