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Undersink Reverse Osmosis

Looking for an unobtrusive, easy to use reverse osmosis system that fits right into your existing setup? Undersink reverse osmosis may be for you. These systems work just like our benchtop units – excellent removal of unwanted particulates and substances other than water – but they fit in the space under your sink, which means you don’t even see them at work. For a relatively small up-front investment, you could have the same quality water you get in bottles on the shelf, flowing freely out of your tap!

We offer a select range of complete systems, including very popular super-compact systems in which the canisters stack in a different direction, saving space lengthways. These systems are ideal for small kitchens with limited space. For larger areas where water is needed throughout the day, you may prefer the American made W.F.W. system. Its elemental mineral removal statistics are outstanding, and the tank measures 400x280x280mm, approximately 30-40% more capacity than the compact system.

The knowledgeable team here at Water Filter World are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you choose the right undersink reverse osmosis system. Practical advice about maintenance and cleaning is also available. For more information, free call 1800 217 726.