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Reverse Osmosis With Alkaliser

Bonza Special

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just want to say thankyou for the best water filter i have ever purchased.....i got the Wfw R.O the american one ....the water tastes like it should taste....clean and no real taste at all which is what i want...my cuppa in the morning tastes better. And after going to my friends place and she has no filter at all i realized how much crap is in the water in tieri...i have also put up a post in the tieri notice board on facebook explaining about the filter that i bought I put up a link to your store ( i hope you dont mind ) just thought that the people in tieri might like to get themselves a descent product that is going to do the job that most other filters dont seam to to handle in tieri here...hopefully you will get some business out of it...once again thank you

Johanna & glen perkins

Hi Byron Thanks for the great service yesterday. In appreciation, I have just put your website details on my Facebook page in the hope that you may get other business from the Emerald area. Fluoride is being introduced into our water at the end of December. Cheers

Sonia Bray

Gavin installed my RO yesterday, 9.11.11 - which you may like to record so you can remind me next Nov. to change filters. I ran water through tank as he advised and liked taste of water this am. Thanks for your help. I was v. happy with Gavin - v. pleasant and believe he did a good job. (He also installed kitchen sink diverter tap and new laundry tub).


Hello to you guys, We want to thank you so very much for your exemplary service especially at this time when you are doing it tough! We received the white tubing this morning and can't believe you were so quick in getting it to us. Also with no charge which is something! Thank you again and we hope your business gets up and running again really quickly as the business world needs people like you that know and understand about customer relations. All the best to you all.

Des and Jan Ting

Hi Byron, I received the filter this morning and would just like to thank you for your advice yesterday and also to say that I was very impressed with your service and a hassle free transaction, thanks for your help

John Barrett, Director, Essentially mobile

Mate I can't believe that the water filter is here, that is incredible service to say the least!!

Joe Mamo

Just wanted to say thank you for the amazingly quick service. I couldn't believe it when it arrived so quickly as usually have to wait weeks! Well done and I'll be back

Britt Steiner

Hello! We were just looking at your site, and want to thank you for a brilliant, in-depth and informative site. We are in Adelaide and have a Puratap, but we have found that the company does not provide specifications on contaminant removals, and has locked out the possibility of independent filter changes. In scouting around what else is available we discovered your video on reverse osmosis filtration. This was very interesting, and welcomed, and we are now reconsidering whether to get our Puratap filters replaced or go with something completely different. Thanks again, no doubt we'll be back to visit your site a few times before we make a decision on what to do next. :-) cheers

Leticia & Foss

Hi Byron, just letting you know my water pot and filter has arrived safely (and in the colour I hoped for!). Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service. best wishes!


Hi Byron, I used the tds meter to test my water it read as the water straight from the bore was - 553 x 10 the x 10 was blinking on the meter the water that has gone through the RO filter-233 ppm the the RO filter we have hooked up to the sink was-129 ppm the results we have received is remarkable- - the glasses from the dishwasher are crystal clear - the washing is cleaner + softer - our hair + skin is unbelievably soft -we can wash the car with excellent results i would like to thank you ever so much for your help could you please email me back on the readings i have given you and explain to me how the tds meter works Tthanks heaps

Michael Derrick