American Made Deluxe Reverse Osmosis - High Alkaline 8.5 - 9.5 PH


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This unit has two components being a system and a tank-

This system is predominantly made from American filters (Omnipure) and parts.

*This component can lay flat if you have space issues


This system is FULLY water marked to Australian Standards.

*This component can lay flat if you have space issues or you can choose one of the compact reverse osmosis options.

After 15 years of researching Reverse Osmosis & water filtration including improving and promoting BETTER HEALTH & BODY FUNCTION via re-mineralising & re-structuring the water, traveling to and from the United States, Water Filter World have finally had the breakthrough we have all been searching for!


American Made Anti Allergenic Carbon Pre Filter 1 micron- Lasts Approximately 12 Months

This is the first stage in most filtration products and boasts extremely high performance removal of dirt, dust, sand, silt, rust as well as any other solid contaminants...


American Made 0.5 Micron Carbon Filter Last Approximately 12 months.

After being in the industry for more then 15 years, We have seen many companies without adequate knowledge use a sediment filter, or a cheap carbon filter in this position... The purpose of this filter is to protect the MEMBRANE from chlorine which eats it's core away and results in rapid deterioration of the semi-permeable material in the membrane which manifests as high TDS (total dissolved solids) , or contaminants...

So in other words, your membrane's performance would be terrible, getting worse by the day without this protection...
A good quality carbon filter also eases the load on the membrane by assisting in pre filtration of some heavy metals and other contaminants.
Semi Permeable Membrane


American Made High Quality GAC (granular activated coconut carbon) 12 months:

This filter reduces almost all chloramine from the water which is one of the worst contaminants that is often overlooked and also destroys the membrane.

STAGE 4 American Made FILM-TEC  Membrane With Greater then 98% Removal Of Fluoride, This membrane averages 3 years and is the single most important section of any reverse osmosis system...
This is where all the harmful contaminants are separated and rejected from the water...

WE SUPPLY AN AMERICAN MADE FILMTEC MEMBRANE These Membranes do 200 litres of water per 24 hours on average pressure at 60 PSI...


Here Are The Removal Rates Of This System's Membrane REMOVAL:A. CONTAMINANT Inorganic:
Aluminum 99%
Arsenic 98%
Arlum 95%
Cadmium 95%
Calcium 98%
Chromium III 98%
Copper 90%
Fluoride 98%
Iron 98%
Lead 99%
Magnesium 98%
Manganese 90%
Mercury II 85%
Nitrate 90%
Potassium 95%
Senenlum 95%
Silver 98%
Sodium 95%
Strontlum 90%
Sulfate 90%
Zinc 98%
Total Dissolved Solids 95%
Chlorine 98%+
Herbicides 98%+
Pesticides 98%+
DDT 98%+
Endrin 90%+
Undane 98%+
Aldrin 98%+
Benzene 98%+
V.O.C.S. 98%+
Adrazin 98%+
Fluoranthene 98%+
Phenole 98%+
Trihalomelthanes 98%+
Toxaphene 98%+
Dichloromethane 98%+
Chloroform 98%+
Trichlorethlene 98%+
Perchlorethylene 98%+
Tannic Acid 98%+
Metoxychlor 98%+
PCB 98%+


High Alkaline + Hydrogen Reducing Vessel High Alkaline PH 8.5 - 9.5:

Creates Ph: 8.5 - 9.5


The High Alkaline + Hydrogen Reducing Vessel is most commonly used by people who are looking to reduce acidic toxic waste in the blood, tissues, and fluids for the body and to adhere to the more alkaline state required by most human metabolic processes.


Pi Water was developed through extensive plant research in Japan in the early 1960s. By using a special system, a bio water was created with special life and health giving properties that helped plants thrive well, and beyond normal expectations.
The research by Doctors Yamashita and Makino also found that when trace amounts of ferric/ferrous (iron) salt were energised in the water, the energy of the water increased dramatically. During 30 years of research, Pi Water's life giving energy has been shown to stimulate the self healing properties of the cells of plants and animals alike. This process created what is now referred to as

  • Pi Water or
  • Living Water

5-Stage filtration process

Stage 1
Phase Effect 1 - Volcanic Red Clay Ceramic Balls. Infra red emission and negative ionisation. Removes harmful ions and energises the water. Reduces water molecule or cluster size.
Phase Effect 2 - Mountain Anti Oxidisation Minerals. Calcined Lime Silicate, Mica and Quartz Compound. Significantly reduces negative ORP. Strong anti oxidising effect.
Stage 2
Phase Effect 3 - Granular Magnetic Tourmaline Rock. Softening and conditioning mineral content. Energises water. Further reduces water molecule or cluster size. Stabilises negative ORP generation.
Stage 3
Phase Effect 4 - Granular Phlogopite Rock. Adds mineral (potassium/magnesium) ions and alkalises the water. Infra red emission and negative ionisation. Reduces water molecule or cluster size.
Stage 4
Phase Effect 5 - White Quartz Ceramic Balls. Strong anti bacterial function. Mineralises (calcium/magnesium ions). Alkalises and energises water.
Stage 5
Phase Effect 6 - Condensed Bio Life Deep Sea Mineral Mix. With Ionised Deep Sea Coral and Porphyries. Mineralises (sodium/potassium). Significantly increases and stabilises pH level of water.

  • Reduces inflammation and pain in muscles and joints.
  • Promotes regeneration and fast healing.
  • Improves blood microcirculation.

The perfect addition to any water filtration system, the Alkaline vessel will provide you with enhanced water that is mineralised, energised, has low ORP and has one of the best absorption rates possible.

 The High Alkaline + Hydrogen Reducing Vessel effectively raises pH levels as well as producing antioxidant and oxygenating qualities. The filter also emits far-infrared rays which result in shorter cluster chains in the water molecules - increasing the bio-available response and oxygen absorption in the body.

Raising PH - High Alkaline + Hydrogen Reducing Vessel is ideal for those who are looking to reduce acidic toxic waste in the blood, tissues, and fluids of the body and thus adhere to the more alkaline state required by most human metabolic processes.
Alkaline water is not a medicine to cure any disease. The fact that alkali neutralises acid is elementary chemistry and requires no statistical analysis. Drinking alkaline water helps our body dissolve acid wastes - making it easier for the body to dispose of them safely. The accumulation of acid wastes is aging and thus reducing acid wastes reverses aging.
Adding Ionic Organic Natural Minerals

Lower ORP - Oxidation Reduction Potential is the ability of water or any other media to oxidise (or more importantly  decrease the oxidation of) another substance or body. Air has a positive ORP that will oxidise metal thus causing corrosion or rust.
Any substance that oxidises essentially disintegrates. Water or a media with a negative ORP has the ability to decrease the oxidation, or prolong the life, of another substance or body. The Alkahydrate filter significantly increases the negative ORP thus enabling it to decrease the oxidation of other substances or bodies (our body in particular) by being a potent anti-oxidant.



 Stage 6 -

American Made High Quality GAC (granular activated coconut carbon) 12 months:

This filter will elliminate any taste issues from the rubber bladder and any organic taste from the alkaliser and is the final stage of this system.

*** All plumbing fittings, filters, membrane, High Alkaline + Hydrogen Reducing Vessel, Stainless Steel faucet & storage tank included...

*** Water filter world will send you an SMS every 12 months as a reminder to replace your filters.


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