Fluorideator-Mini Installation

TANDARD: : Step 1: Remove existing aerator from the kitchen faucet. Step 2: Replace with aerator supplied
Step 3: Install the system by pressing the white ring down on the fitting and pushing
firmly onto the aerator then releasing the white ring. Step 4: Run cold water to flush out before installing the Flow Restrictor Assembly.Running water for a few seconds will help prepare the carbon filter and membrane. Step 5: Turn off the water and install the Flow Restrictor Assembly. The Flow Restrictor Assembly (elbow fitting)
is pushed into the connection at the bottom . Make sure the tubing is inserted firmly into the fitting Step 6: Install the flexible white tubing into the connector on the top side connection . You are now ready to begin making water. You must run your system for 4 hours and discard the first amount of water produced during this period. Using a storage container, you can collect water made anytime you need water.

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