Fridge water Filters

Here are the instructions for an externally fitted fridge filter:

 Simply cut the water line at the back of the fridge/coffee machine (most are plastic but some are copper however all are standard  size and supplied push fit fittings work on both) then push fit the filter, the flow direction is stated on the filter itself with an arrow, the arrow should be pointing to the fridge/coffee machine.

For an internally fitted fridge filter :

These are installed very simply as a twist in twist out job. Most fridges these days have an internally fitted filter which has two lock in slides that hold it in place. So by twisting past the lock in slides the filter will simply pull out...

We are experts in water filters and we recommend purchasing a Bosch CS52 X 1 Filter. This high performance fridge water filter offers the latest filtration technology providing huge sediment & chemical reduction capacity whilst dramatically reducing the development of scale to protect your equipment from costlty breakdowns.

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