How to install water filter caravan?

1) External installation:
*Most vans have a hose connection that you can simply plug into water when you stop at a park. So we supply click on fittings that very easily plug on both sides of your water filter so that you may plug one side to your van, and the other to the supply at the park. This way you can also fill any storage tanks from the filter as well as having continuous supply when you are stationary. You can choose to permanently mount the system or click on and off as needed to avoid theft. (For a demo please view mpeg)
2) Under the sink installation:
See the undersink installation
3) Under the sink but inline using existing tap:
Simply cut into plastic cold hose, and push fit the system

We are experts in water filters and we recommend purchasing a AA-Economical Portable Reverse Osmosis. This Reverse Osmosis system is perfect for travelers as there is no plumbing needed (just screw onto tap ) and the system delivers fresh clean water year in year out.
Will fit any Threaded tap and comes with adaptors to suit all kitchen, bathroom and laundry taps.

Click here to see our recommended caravan water filter AA-Economical Portable Reverse Osmosis