400 LPD Aquarium R.O/DI


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This is the ultimate Aquarium purification unit... Produces up to 400 litres per day at ZERO TDS (Total dissolved solids)..
Most Aquarium filter suppliers use 50 gallon or 75 gallon per day membranes which are so slow and tedious when you need the water fast!
The unit consists of EVERYTHING you need for the application and more!
We supply a tap adapter fitting for nearly every tap available in Australia: a kitchen mixer tap, any threaded kitchen tap, a garden tap, a dishwasher tap, and even a 1/2" stop cock tap!
Included in the unit are the following items:
*Australian standards twin housings with bracket
*1 micron sediment filter
*1 micron block carbon
*DI resin in-line (Omnipure K5555)
*400 litre per day membrane!
*All Hose needed to run to waste, product and supply
*x1 adapter to suit any standard threaded kitchen taps
*x1 adapter to fit and garden or dishwasher tap
x 1 adapter to suit a 1/2" stop cock or threaded tap
*Flow restricter
*All push-fit fittings
If you want any extra's , like double the volume of water or a quality tds meter, please add them to cart ... REMEMBER, EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS INCLUDED, THE OPTIONS ARE EXTRA'S
Enough pretenders! Water Filter World has been around for 20 years and will ALWAYS be around to supply you with filters, parts, advice and service! Thanks for your purchase


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