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Culligan 1000R-D Undersink RV & Marine Icemaker/Water Filter (level 3). This is an activated carbon block filter.

This water filter fits Culigan SY 1000, SY-1000s, IC-1000, RV-1000, SY-750s, IC-750, and RV-750 filter systems. It measures 27.31cm in height.

The Culligan 1000R-D undersink icemaker/water filter for RV systems ensures you serve only the cleanest water and ice while on the open road! For up to 6 months (1,893 litres), this filter can significantly reduce common contaminants and impurities that oftentimes lead to flavour and quality issues, including chlorine, lead, sediment and lindane. Also reduces atrazine, cysts, class I particulates, turbidity and bad tastes and odour. The 1000R-D does not reduce flouride.

Other part numbers the Culligan 1000R-D is compatible with:

155785, 4194353, 1100R, 155785-51, 750R, IC-1000, Pentek QC10-CBRR, RV-1000, SY-750S, 155901, 4201661, 1100R-R-01, 155901-43, 750R-D, IC-750, QC10-CBRR, RV-750, 1019039, 4194338, 1000R, 1100R-S6-05, 255706-43, 800R, Pentek 155785-43, QC10-GACR, SY-1000, 4194346, 1000R-D, 155785-43, 600R, 800R-S6-05, Pentek QC10, QC10-TSGACR, SY-1000s.

PLEASE NOTE: If you think your RV takes this filter but are uncertain, please email us so we can confirm this for you. Our knowledgeable Australian-based customer service staff is happy to help.

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