Double Big Blue 10" X 4.5"


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The BIG BLUE 10" whole house system is designed for MEDIUM use and comes in a single or twin option. The BIG BLUE range of systems are 4.5" across as opposed to 2.5" like the economy systems. This allows a much better flow rate due to less restriction, as well as better filtration and a longer life filter cartridge due to more surface area and a greater quantity of carbon. the outlet size is 1" standard bsp thread. Plumbing fittings available on our website under PARTS GENERAL or from you local hardware or plumbing supply.With the single version you may put a sediment or carbon filter In-line however a carbon filter will probably give you less time between changes. In the twin you put a sediment filter first In-line followed by your choice of carbon filter. You will find your flow rate much better than the single and also an extended carbon life. *****1) JUST CHOOSE A SEDIMENT FILTER FROM THE DROP DOWN MENU(THAT WILL GO 1ST IN-LINE) *****2)AND A CARBON FILTER FROM THE DROP DOWN MENU ( THIS WILL GO 2ND IN-LINE)*****3) AND ANY PARTS REQUIRED( BRACKET IS NOT INCLUDED)

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