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The Digital TDS 3 Meter is for testing water quality. Use the TDS meter to check the performance of your water filter. You can also check for hardness (1 grain = 17 ppm)


1. 100% Brand New

2. This item can be used in: water purifiers and filters, food (vegetable, fruits) & drink quality monitoring, pools, spas, aquariums and hydroponics

3. Hold function: Saves measurements for convenient reading and recording

4. Auto-off function: Turns off meter after 10 minutes of non-use to conserve batteries

5. Dual Range: Measures from 0-999 ppm, with a resolution of 1 ppm. From 1,000 to 9,900 ppm, the resolution is 10 ppm.

6. Range: 0-9990 ppm

7. Accuracy +/- 2%

8. Battery: 2 x 1.5V Button Cell Battery (AG13) - Included FREE


Do not drop the entire TDS meter in water or dip beyond the maximum immersion level (approximately 2" - refer to manual for further information). This unit is not water-tight and will be damaged if water enters the unit Package included: 1 x TDS 3 Digital Meter 1 x Black Faux Leather Carry Case 2 x 1.5V Button Cell batteries 1 x User Manual

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