Twin Big Blue BASICGRADE 20" Whole House INC Filters!


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THIS PRODUCT IS 100% tested, certified and awarded the Australian Water Mark Standard [∼467 KB PDF].

Australian plumbing codes require the water mark approval before a water filtration product can be installed by a licensed plumber in your home. Our products give peace of mind to the consumer knowing their system and all components will comfortably withstand Australian Mains Water pressure.

Unfortunately numerous consumers have reported suffering varying degrees of flood damage to their homes and the inconvenience associated with it by purchasing cheap non watermark approved water filters on the internet.

Our systems are guaranteed to remove from your tap water the contaminants we claim as verified by independent test reports from certified laboratories.

2.Every system we sell is hand built and tested in Sydney in compliance with Australian water mark standards from American, British and Australian components.

3.With so many years of experience we have every confidence in providing you and your family the best available in water filtration technologies.

unlike most others on the market

This ensures the following:

*Best plastics guaranteed 100% BPA free

*Highest bursting pressure (90PSI)

*UV stabilized

*Highest possible standards Recomended Retail on this product is over $895
BigBlue Unit: Measurements/Dimensions :

This SYSTEM INCLUDES A SEDIMENT FILTER AND A BASIC GRADE CARBON FILTER FOR TASTE, COLOUR, ODOUR, CHLORINE REMOVAL . Designed for HIGH use it includes a twin 20" x 4.5" system, a sediment filter, and a 10 micron carbon filter. Also included is the mounting Bracket.


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