Standard River & Dam Water Filtration Package Soluition


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We are receiving an overwhelming number of phone calls in relation to Dam and River filtration solutions.

Over the years we have solved thousands of peoples "water problems" on rural water sourced from Rivers and Dams.

Many people are running out of water due to the impending drought sweeping Australia.

Here is a way to get filtered water throughout your entire house or business when you need it the most.

*Our systems will not work on sea water, water with high salt, or water with extremely high TDS. Please contact us before purchasing this set up.

Whether you are sourcing your water from a Dam or a River, this is the solution we recommend for both applications.

1) Pump your water from the surface of the water source and feed it through a

back-flush-able sand filter (not included, source locally)and into a dedicated settling tank, aerating the water as it enters the tank.

2) Using a pump from the settling tank, send the water through our RIVER RIPPER system at 1 to 5 LPM directly to your dedicated house water tank with a float switch.

3) Pump the water from your dedicated house water tank through our TWIN BIG BLUE BASIC GRADE (Included) , then through our 48LPM UV LIGHT system (Included) and finally, to your house/business/application.

4) The water is not potable, however it is safe to shower in and brush your teeth ETC as all parasites will be eliminated at the UV point.

You need one final stage for safe drinking water. Install a COMPACT REVERSE OSMOSIS under your sink (included) for all your drinking, cooking water. this water is potable. 

Now you have water that's safe to drink (at the kitchen sink) and shower in on demand.


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